Verrazano Bridge AND TOLLS


It is estimated that 200,000 cars use the Verrazano every day!

So at $15 per car, leaving out trucks (axel charge)—- that is about $3 million per day!!!!!!!!

Verrazano aside, let take a look at the revenue generated from our (NYC) tolls

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 2.32.59 AM


So as you can see the revenue estimates from 2013 is in excess of $1.6 Billion!

JUST IN CASE ANYONE WAS INTERESTED IN THE OPERATING EXPENSES —- IN  2011, THE TOTAL operating expenses decreased for the third year in a row. Expenses in 2011 decreased 6.4 percent from 2010 to $358.8 million!

That leaves a pretty large revenue stream, probably one of the city most profitable. Wonder where that money goes lol

“Yield at Green” This is what started it all!!!

It all came down to a road trip where I came to a main intersection which had traffic lights appropriate for a main road intersection including the turning lane having a light as well. Should be simple……. Than I notice a sign up on the traffic light saying “Yield at Green”. And this is not for the turning lane, this is for regular traffic passing through the intersection.

In case its not clear let me remind you that this is an intersection where lets say road(1) goes east/west intersects road(2) goes north/south with a 55mph speed limit. When east/west traffic has a green light the north/south traffic is red….. Not only is this common but has become common sense that when approaching an intersection that has a red/yellow/green traffic light that alternating traffic is guided by the same. It would make things very eventful if everyone had a green light… wouldn’t it?

Now that we covered basic traffic safety logic, I will go back to the sign “yield at green”

Where to begin?

Start with obvious- Green means go, Yellow means yield, and Red means stop unless they changed that without notifying anyone! If they now want you to “yield at green” what are my instructions for the yellow light?

Yield at green, initiate stop at yellow, and full stop at red? Why bother with the yellow light at all than? Save electricity and some lightbulbs and change the rules to slow down at green and stop when red. No wonder there are so many accidents… Half these people can’t drive to begin with and now your throwing this at them. Leaves these people alone and stop confusing them! They have a hard enough time putting their shoes on in the morning, the last thing they need is a new conflicting traffic instruction. Than again, I doubt these motor morons would even notice the sign so basically its there to torment observant people for a good laugh. Remember these are the same motorists that drive all the way to the end of an on ramp come to a complete stop and wonder why they aren’t able to merge onto the highway of cars traveling over 50mph from their dead stop position…….

I had to rationalize this for myself wether right or wrong. Just for peace of mind and to make my reason probably much more logical than why it was put in place. Here goes:

Given the massive increase of traffic cameras at intersections in my area issuing tickets, people have become unpredictable at intersections. Yellow used to mean speed up or even coast through (after all , opposing traffic has a delay after your light turns red before they get a green). Now the yellow light induces panic and confusion to the driver…. They had the habit of speeding up but now that camera fear causes a last minute slamming on the break…. Probably causing more accidents than someone running a red light!.

MY RATIONAL UNDERSTANDING is this state that didn’t have traffic cameras yet and was being proactive by training drivers to be ready and prepared to stop at the yellow, not the red, so when cameras do go up they have already been conditioned…..THAT’S HOW I HAVE RATIONALIZED IT LOL