This real estate tax thing is just another random thought that I might as well share….

     There are approximately 18k houses in my town with an average real estate tax of $10k per year. That is $180million per year!

     As far as I know the majority of this goes to the schools,(50%) I think….  and the rest is for maintenance of roads, parks, local government and police payroll, and whatever else……..

     So if we take out 1/2 for schools $90million *don’t forget the schools also receive funding from other sources on top of that,yet (We still underpay our teachers) but thats another topic….

     Now there is $90million left for them to spread around…… I’ll have to come back to this because I dont feel like crunching #’s right now. lol I’m sure it won’t add up without “left overs” that they find someway to use use it  ——– responsibly lol