Sayings After Accident/Injury/Medical

I’ll start this off with group of sayings that are usually combined anyway

Had to put these all together to hopefully bring some understanding of how comedic and theatrical yet tragic how people are. I’m implying that just because people say what I now call “snap phrases”, that they are not sincere. I feel its more a matter of a fail safe protocol in delicate situations to avoid saying the wrong thing.. Why is taboo to joke during sad or serious things???? I’m hoping to change that….. Not even half way through and I can’t help myself from making this an all out rant lol. So ill post it in both and Bold the sayings to easily id them in the post.

So these are expected to be heard in a hospital situation. Lets call them the conformity commandments for a tragedy

  • “Hoping for the best”
  • “How are they doing”
  • “How are you holding up”
  • “I’m here for you”
  • “Dr’s are doing everything they can”
  • “You have to stay positive”
  • “It’s in Gods hands”
  • “Gods plan”
  • “Hope and Pray
  • “I had a feeling”
  • “Someone was looking out for them”
  • “However it turns out, you’ll get through it”

Concerned friends and family call or visit and usually even without asking, someone says “We are hoping for the best”. Pre-programmed nonsense lol….. Of course they are hoping for the best!!! Shame on those who ask “How are they doing” This keeps the setting gloomy and dull where everyone is looking at the floor sniffling which contributes to the continuation of these sayings. At what point do you become more concerned on how you should feel and what to say? Besides, people are usually telling you to “Stay positive”…. So i say make a positive atmosphere by going off script saying something sarcastic like “I think I’m going to sit out on the hope thing with my bad luck I wouldn’t want to jinx all of you hoping for the best” Again, What harm are you doing by joking and lightening up the intensity????? NOTHING except not following whats expected from everyone who is going to judge you….ooooooo noooooo lol..

I judge them for being sad and conforming to the expected norm and say they are being selfish!!!!!! Thats right selfish!! You think the injured or ill person needs to add on to their plate the guilt of making all those people upset? They probably are thinking well I’m sorry that me being run over by a truck as caused so much emotional harm to you, after all I’m the one that just been crushed by 40 tons of steel lol Ahhhh no one ever thought of it that way….. If it was me fighting for my life in the hospital I definitely do not want all these sad emotional train reck people visiting me or hanging around after all I’m the sick one, how dare they take partial emotional ownership of my tragedy. A simple phone call would be good, I find no reason for people to hang around or visit if they are in that mind set. Well one thing you can use them for is to find out how your doing or look. They don’t even have to speak, you can tell by the look in their face as if you were looking in the mirror how bad you are… Than thank them and send them away. lol

Now at some point you likely hear someone ask “How are you holding up?“along with “I’m here for you” oh boy…. Is everyone else not yet seeing the pattern that the focus is more on the people rather than the sick/ill person lol Seems to be a lot of attention and concern on how everyone else is dealing with this. The one person that I would like to be concerned about the victim would be the Dr! But not to worry because you’ve at this point be old that “The Dr’s are doing everything they can” I find it alarming that they need to reassure us of this. Maybe they just want to prepared if things go wrong they can follow with “There was nothing else we could do” 

For people turning to faith need not worry because “Its in Gods hands” so all you can do is “Hope and pray”. I’m not going against religion I’m going to just try understand the system and maybe make it a little less complicated. So applying logic which actually religion has tried to avoid, lets look at this for a second. If its in Gods hands you are going to hope and pray. If you haven’t picked up on where I’m going with this yet its ok ill explain. Is it wrong to associate Hope with Pray? initially I thought hope meant more of wanting or wish, but I actually found the biblical definition of hope is expected certainty. I’m a little rusty on religion guidelines but I thought it was wrong to expect your prayers to be answered making it almost like a demand. Isn’t it that you expect your prayers to be heard leaving it “In Gods hands”? Than again, I always hear people saying “its part of Gods plan” or any number of variations that refer to this plan, Gods plan. Makes me wonder why bother asking for anything in your prayers since its already been planned? Do you expect him to change his plans every time someone needs something? Who are you to be interfering with Gods plan? lol Nothing wrong if you want to pray just the contents in your prayer. Just Be thankful, obedient, and accept the things that happen with your trust in his judgement. Kind of like our government lol

At least be happy that “Someone was looking out for them”. This is said if someone pulls through regardless of how injured they are… its because someone was looking out for them that they survived. Well, no I’m not happy if someone was looking out for them because they suck at their job. The might of saved the person but if they were looking out they should have stepped in sooner like maybe before the person stepped in front of traffic lol. That “someone” looking out should probably get a heads up from the person thats going around saying “I had a feeling” It would be nice if they got together and maybe prevented anything from happening in the first place. How could you go wrong when you have “Someone looking out for you” as well as someone with psychic abilities that tells everyone AFTER that they “Had a feeling”.

Here are the statements that were discussed and now I’m going to mix it up a bit

  • “Hoping for the best”
    “How are they doing”
    “How are you holding up”
    “I’m here for you”
    “Dr’s are doing everything they can”
    “You have to stay positive”
    “It’s in Gods hands”
    “Gods plan”
    “Hope and Pray
    “I had a feeling”
    “Someone was looking out for them”
    “However it turns out, you’ll get through it”

In case of tragedy instead of “Hoping for the best” you should hope “Dr’s are doing everything they can” so that you can “Stay positive”. When you pray make sure you don’t “Hope and pray” because when the life your praying for is “In gods hands” you wouldn’t want to offend him or question “Gods Plan”. Now you should recruit the concerned person asking you “how you are holding up” along with the volunteer that said they are “Here for you” to slap the person asking “How are they doing”, Fire the invisible person that “Was looking out for them” and interrogate the person that “Had a feeling” why they failed to speak up and unveil their psychic premonition. Somehow if you make it through all of that the final quote is logical that “However it turns out, you’ll get through it”……