Psychological Difference NOT Disability

When we talk about psychological disabilities I have a problem with that terminology. I like to refer to it as a psychological difference rather then a disability. The term disability implies that the person has a dysfunction or limitation in functioning. Whether you agree or not I think some of the greatest minds in history would’ve been labeled as having a psychological disability simply because their minds function differently than the majority. When someone says that I am crazy or my thoughts are not normal, I think that is a complement. This is because I have come to realize that the norm of thought is not a active process it all. The majority of people that is considered normal are semi-conscious simple-minded individuals that have little if any original thought processes. They usually function on preprogrammed subconscious behavior patterns and suffer from cognitive dissonance.

Regardless if the person who has a psychological difference may have a disability, that it is fair say that a normal person has a lack of ability.


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