Just recently I’ve come across an anti-littering campaign advertisement from a certain cigarette company. They were so proud of the amount of people who have contributed to this campaign, but of course I found something humorous about this……

     Is good to know that they’re concerned about the environment as well as the public health. For now let’s leave aside the  public health issue and focus on this new environmental concern.

     It was quite interesting initially since I came across this from finding a leaflet on the street. This leaflet was promoting advertising the amount of people that have pledged to help stop cigarette litter. It was nice to know this was some sort of campaign in which I found the advertisement or the acknowledgment of it through litter on the street.

     First of all I’m pretty sure people who smoke are really not that concerned about the environment since they probably don’t care too much about their personal health. Second of all, I don’t see how you help the environment by adding another piece of paper inside of the cigarette pack. This brings me to the point of I would assume that somebody who smokes is most likely going to open their pack of cigarettes and throw that leaflet out with the cellophane and everything else on to the street like the one I came across.

     Oh and one last thing, it didn’t say on there that this was made from recycled paper lol

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