Here is an example why people who need help don’t get it

There are many people that are in TRULY in need of some service or whatever, and usually its very difficult. So when I come across something that shows A person making a ridiculous attempt and wasting the time when people really do need it, I’ve become a little aggravated no I become extremely aggravate. There’s no shortage of these situation but I came across one just now I want to mention.

This person was applying that the state was violating accommodation to her disability of agoraphobia that she had to appear in person to re-reregister her drivers license in person.

Maybe I’m wrong but if you have agoraphobia I don’t see you leaving your house require drivers license actually driving. Let’s just say I know just a little bit about this condition through personal experience. Even if it was mild or not extreme case that you can leave the house but do so occasionally I just feel like this was a waste of possibly providing a service to a genuine request. Enough said, I know I have people read my blog that will relate to this and understand. It just makes it unfair to people with a real genuine need for help usually is met with questionable sincerity in which they have to justify the validity of their condition because of amount of BS claims received. For any of you who have any kind of required needs to service, assistance, ext,  you know the frustrating when you see or hear about somebody taking up the time that should be available for you and others like you.

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