Why is it that every time I’m trying to find something important I am continuously being sidetracked by things like this. I CANNOT BELIEVE WE ACTUALLY HAVE A STALKING AWARENESS MONTH… So apparently this observance is in January being the national stalking awareness month.

Have they made a card for this yet? lol It would be a nice gesture for stalkers to send a card to their victims once a year….haha Card would say something like  “Hey there, Just wanted to write and let you know I’m watching you” or “Your so special that your not just always in my thoughts, your always in my line of sight” lol OH BOY

I’m not sure about the details that are included in this, and have no intention to read into it. Without knowing the details, I would like to know who they are bringing awareness to. Certainly the victims of stalking don’t need awareness, they already have enough attention. lol  I’m sure this doesn’t awareness to a stalker who is preoccupied stalking.. lol

Anyway, since I am aware of this now, I felt the need to share this lol

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