Another Rant On Language


     Hopefully it is clear by now, my complete and absolute hatred of the language and words! This is not a result from being  uneducated(I think the colleges should reimburse us) but thats another topic!…..  Even my poor writing skills (openly admit and am aware of) can not be fully or mostly responsible for this…..

.HOW COULD ANYONE REALISTICALLY COMPREHEND THIS LANGUAGE? Is it only me and my limited literary skills that I find it completely ridiculous and aggravating that the meaning of words are (inconclusive) through definitions? Almost every word is defined by multiple words, each of the defining words have a somewhat different directional meaning themselves. It’s difficult enough for someone like me (with little or no writing skills) beyond psychology papers…. But, those were mostly constructed through precise and specific words created by the field of study and only need to use some “regular”  language  or words to connect/fill in. Also, we didn’t lose that many points at all for writing skills, grammar —– they only were interested in the content material and information.

You could almost say something like —— It is by the no way thank of thought to assume presumable no doubts  that prefrontal cortex function is directly involved in processing —  lol  YES MY UNDERLINE PORTION WAS MAYBE A LITTLE EXTREME OF EXAMPLE ( BUT AS LONG AS WHAT IS BOLD, AND THE ACTUAL INFORMATION IS OK, THAN SADLY THEY WOULDN’T CARE OR PENALIZE YOUR GRADE ENOUGH TO MAKE IT SEEM NECESSARY TO LEARN HOW TO WRITE PROPERLY)

Let me choose some words for example (not going to get into grammar , structure) Just a few words or statements

I’m going to try my best to “act naturally” (how can you be natural if your acting?)

Let me be clear that I’ll always try to provide “original copies” (copies- original? need i say more)

It is starting to get “pretty  ugly”

Simple——- is defined “understood, no difficulty” also defined as “abnormally low intelligence” So, something simple is understood without difficulty but, a simple mind might not be able to…..

Understood?  Just as long as you realize the definition of “understood” doesn’t mean “you get it” you may understand something, as long as you are aware that if you understand you don’t “know”—- because the definition of understanding something refers to you only perceiving — blah blah OK I’m done for now, before I get sick….. lol

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