As we live “OUR” life, there will be some great moments, some terrible moments, and a whole lot of moments that are in between. “It goes without saying”(I RANT ON THIS SAYING), SO, hopefully this is the only time I say something after that statement. haha

It’s always the extremes that stand out and gather the most recognition. It’s ironic that my previous statement has the phrase “goes without saying”, because thats exactly what we want for those moments, yet it’s those moments people feel most compelled to say something to us. If things are extremely low, even though I’m not feeling that way or whatever these people project onto saying they know how you feel, or whatever drama talk that they are more bossed about emotional than the person experiencing it. Try and tell them “YOU’RE NOT WORRIED OR UPSET IN ANYWAY” and they keep going!!!!!!! Telling you that you are upset, angry, or whatever lol….. Sometimes they actually make you lol….. Again, this is when you rather “it goes without saying” be applied to these situations, because you really don’t want to hear their daytime tv programing psychological profiling expertise on you —- lol

For me, it doesn’t matter if it is a moment of greatness or moment of misfortune. Those are only possible to experience and feel through my perception, not by any observer and should not solicit any advice or opinions to someone who has not asked. The most important people in your life are there and offering conversation throughout the majority of events in your life, while the unimportant/acquaintances are right up to the front line to contribute when your are at extremes. I can not speak for everyone, but, I do not seek praise for achievements nor sympathy for misfortunes. I WOULD LIKE EVERYONE UNDERSTAND  some things that might appear as achievements are actually misfortunes to me as well as some things appearing as misfortunes are actually achievements. THIS IS REAL IMPORTANT ON MANY DIFFERENT TOPICS THAT PEOPLE SHOULD NOT TO PROJECT WHAT THEY THINK PEOPLE ARE FEELING! BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE FEELING, EVEN BY SOME CHACE YOU DO.,.,.,ok LOL DON’T TELL THEM HOW THEY FEEL.. I THINK IT’S FAIR TO SAY MOST OF US ALL AT SOMETIMES HAVE DIFFICULTIES FIGURING OUT OURSELVES HOW WE FEEL, AND THAT IS OKAY. THERE WAS SOMETHING ELSE I WANTED TO SAY, BUT I’LL JUST LEAVE IT THERE. When opinions are needed, I will ask without hesitation.

Check out my rant on the term “goes without saying”


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