My frustration with language! example

I’ve mentioned it before, but Its going to be mentioned again and again. I can not figure out how to write in a “scholarly way”, but more importantly in a comprehensible way. If it wasn’t for grammatical, or writing errors in my papers I would have had a 4.0 GPA while going for my Phd in psychology. In my opinion, I think that the very fact that psychology requires analyzation to details and meanings completely makes writing in the english language a torture method. There is almost no meaning or definitive meaning to any word. Even worse is writing things that are open to unlimited interpretations.

ONE EXAMPLE (I’m sure I’ll have more to come)

When I was trying to write the rant on “Hope and Pray” I wanted to look up the definition of HOPE before I wrote it. Not to my surprise, that lead me in a complete moment of “HUH?!?!?” As I’m going to show you, maybe you can start understanding my frustration with writing in words that can not decide on a meaning.

HOPE  – A feeling of EXPECTATION and desire for a certain thing to happen. 

EXPECTATION – A strong BELIEF that something will happen



SO——- If you believe its going to happen and expect it to happen, than why HOPE? I Always thought hope meant that you are wanting something to happen but are prepared that it might not.

Hence my joke on “Hope and Pray”…… If you “Hope” (expect) than you have no need to pray…..

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