Some Random Shit —- Be Warned lol


*If this SHIT is going to bother you than please stop here! You will not want to read this SHIT. There will be a lot of SHIT covered statements, with a shit scenario as well.

Physicists definitely know that the true universal law and all applications have SHIT involved. They have kept this SHIT secret from public knowledge, because we could not possible understand, handle, and apply this SHIT to science while we still are figuring out what SHIT defines in language. They might not be absolutely sure of time, reality, wormholes, string theory, but they do agree that SHIT must always be applied. Mathematics was the king until discovery of quantum mechanics and seen that there is SHIT consistently everywhere. “The Universal Law Of Shit” All the energy, time, space, gravity, and everything that is all infinite is bound by and associated with SHIT.

The fact that there is unlimited amount of SHIT, does not mean we have to take all this SHIT. The only thing you can do is be aware of this SHIT, and start handling your SHIT better. You must understand that SHIT has very strong gravity and is always attracting the SHIT that is similar. Think about it and when you have some bad SHIT happen, its followed with more bad SHIT. When you have good SHIT happening, you know more good SHIT is coming

****Before we get into people, let’s talk about pets briefly. Initially they were included in the scenario until I realized it was unfair to categorize them or associate them in this SHIT. Their SHIT doesn’t compare to peoples SHIT. Think about it….. Dogs- When they have SHIT to get out, they usually let you know so that they can take their SHIT outside away from you. Also they don’t force their SHIT on you and require you to give their SHIT immediate attention. They know their SHIT is out in the open and let you decide when your ready to deal with their SHIT. Maybe, we can learn something here!!!! Maybe by observation they could be training you how to deal with SHIT. They keep their SHIT out in the open and if you don’t deal with it and days go by you have a lot more SHIT to deal with. It would have been easier to deal with one piece of SHIT than letting a lot of SHIT accumulate. One other lesson we might learn from them……. They don’t feel the need to hide their SHIT and have no problem taking their SHIT in public view. They do however make sure you are responsible for dealing with it.


(Keep in mind that I kept this SHIT as short as possible, and it was very difficult to leave so much SHIT out) Let’s start this SHIT when your on you way home from your SHIT job that has plenty SHIT of its own, but remember thats why we are told to never bring your SHIT from work home with you…….You are also told not to bring your personal SHIT in to work. So I guess you don’t get to deal with your own SHIT except during your ride to work, and ride home from work, only deal with the SHIT waiting at home. But this isn’t a surprise because you expect this SHIT already. That SHIT doesn’t change. It’s Same SHIT different day. The SHIT starts as soon as they walk in the door. Before you get a chance to sit down and see if there is any SHIT on TV you’re bombarded with infinite SHIT. Everyone in the house has to unload on you everything and ask you everything about all the SHIT from their day in rapid fire SHIT formation than retreat. No wonder you won’t hear them announce anything that is said with SHIT left out, or you would heard it. So naturally you failed to hear them say dinner is ready, because no SHIT was in the statement (not your fault).

You hear them next time when they say: *What do you have SHIT in your ears? …..Its a possibility!

You’ve learned not to answer any questions in which they will tell you the answer, because you don’t know SHIT. It’s no wonder why you don’t even want the SHIT made for diner, how could you with all the SHIT already on your plate.

But, you don’t say SHIT because your trying real hard not to stir SHIT up. ——Oops now they give you SHIT about that, not to mention they already think your a piece a SHIT, sometimes even a worthless piece of SHIT. You just have to sit there and take this SHIT making sure you keep you mouth shut.

They don’t want to hear you say SHIT! All that comes out of your mouth is SHIT and they don’t believe any of the SHIT you say. THEY have had enough of your SHIT and question why they bother dealing with your SHIT……

But than they blame you for not giving a SHIT, Someone needs to figure out this SHIT!!!

****This is where it would be expected to have SHIT coming out of your ears since you haven’t let any SHIT out and kept a lot of SHIT in. No wonder you now have SHIT for brains getting close to -you had enough of this SHIT, and is very likely to be turning into a psychotic SHIT show.

Sure enough they push this SHIT too far by saying something like “What’s up your ass”?

Some scary SHIT is coming now that you’ve past the point of taking in any more SHIT, and unable to hold that SHIT together anymore!

Forget the SHIT hitting the fan, the wall, or throwing SHIT around, by now you are beating and chocking all the living SHIT out of them…………….– But for just a moment the SHIT STORM that was clouding your judgment clears enough for the thought

“SHIT, I’m not able to use self defense against, being attack with SHIT” Even though judge, jury, and everyone else can understand you can be suffocated with SHIT and how much SHIT is related to every death,

We even apply a lot of specific relation to the SHIT that will kill us. Only the legal system has not yet create a Statute for SHIT SELF DEFENSE. So you stop!

Time for you to work SHIT out

Get passed this SHIT

Realize this SHIT was stupid

Sorry for all the SHIT done

Glad this SHIT happened

Work through this SHIT

Promise this SHIT won’t happen again

Promise not to let SHIT get this far

Promise that something is said when SHIT starts

So everything is going to be fine now that you’ve all decided not to start SHIT with each other, and will make sure as SHIT to say something as soon as you spot it. With smiles of enlightenment and clarity that all will be great they tell each other……….

We are so lucky that we give SHIT about each other!

There is more shit clarification that I want to get into. But, this is enough shit to deal with for now.

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ADD SOME SHIT Only, next time someone says that I’m being insensitive because I don’t give a shit, I say to them “ You are right, why would I give them shit? If they need support or help its because of the shit they are dealing with. So instead of me going to them because I give a shit, I’m there to help them with their shit, and let them get any shit out so they can recover. ”

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