Chess Applied To Life

We sacrifice the pawns first as they serve no other purposes than proper title as a pawn. Than we have 2 bishops that cover the board in play which one moves diagonally on white and the other on black so all is covered with no grey areas. Lol
The knights maneuver in an l shape on the board as well as being the only piece able to jump over your other pieces. Your knights will be offensive as strategically manipulate the enemy movements.
Your rooks are the castle walls for king and queen and serve as blocking attack on king or queen.

**** The real credit should go to the queen. Has the ability to move in any direction she wants and any distance she wants while the king is dependent on everyone else the king can only move one space at a time lol.

Was so distracted by everything else that I didn’t mention that during all of this the ultimate goal is not to eliminate the king to win but to force it into surrender to capture by leaving no possible moves of escape lol

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