Fishing (Part 1)

Before I begin it should be known that fishing is something I could not live without! Real true hardcore fisherman/ and women are an elite group that earn this title. We do welcome new members that have stepped up and proven to be in this group.

Before I decided to bash and attack fishing I was hesitant for a few seconds until I realized that I’m not attacking fishing, I’m attacking certain people that consider what they do as fishing. It will be more directed to people that think a fishing pole and tackle box makes them a fishermen. I will work my way through each method of fishing and pointing out the fake fishing people and the effect it has on me, and others who are out to fish not recreational outdoor activity during nice weather.


     I have chose to leave all freshwater types of fishing alone for now with the exception of one. The cat fishing method called noodling. The method used requires a person to enter muddy murky water and search for underwater holes in which a catfish may be residing in. Once the hole of choice has been selected than the person reaches into the hole blindly in hopes that a catfish is there and bites onto the hand of the noodling person in which gives them the ability to grab and extract the fish. Originally i was convince this drunken stupidity could not be fishing. Now I’m not sure anymore. it is man versus fish with no gear except their hands. They go out in hunt to find the fish. Oh! also place themselves in danger by reaching into areas that could contain venomous and poisonous creatures as well as snapping turtles. The ratings must be good knowing that the general public is waiting for disaster to struck like in NASCAR (they want to see a crash)


     Some real fishermen get lost and mixed up in this category. Without owning a boat or being able to afford other methods they have been left with fishing off the pier as their only option.They unfortunately have to be exposed to the general public that congregate these piers. the ones that grab a pole out of the garage buy a bag of frozen bait make several failed casting attempts before an acceptable cast is made. and than they rest the pole down in hopes of catching something and something because they have no idea what specific fish is targeted. Most likely couldn’t even tell you the hook being used. Than are frustrated that they lost tier bait and make claims they knew a fish was bitting it just didn’t hook. Actually, you just keep feeding the crabs but your generously offering of free food nestled down on the bottom. these are the ones that get snagged by something on bottom and actually think they hooked a monster fish and continue fighting it as such until the line breacks at which they say that it must have been huge and too heavy to fight on you equipment.

     The real fisherman is down at the pier only during the tidal window that is both productive and least amount of seaweed. They cast work the area in which they have ben given. Would pass if the pier was too crowded knowing its a day full of crossed lines, and restricted workable area.  They look forward to unfavorable forecasts and can be seen fishing the piers throughout the winter herring run.


     This group also has its fair share of people claiming they are fishing and should no way be a reflection of real surfcasters! These people also break out the old fishing pole and tackle box and head to the beach with a cooler of beer and a fold out chair. Cast out into the surf than plant the pole in the sand while they sit on their ass waiting for something that would have to be completely starving. —— These people always have something that sounds official to say to any passing beach walkers.

     Than there are two more groups under surfcasters. We have the real deal surfcasters and than we have the extreme hardcore surfcasters. These definitely are real fisherman. The real surf caster you can see working the tide, current, able to observe a pretty good picture of what the bottom looks like and how that relates to a likely place for predatory fish to hang out. Again, they are working the beach, multiple lures, actively searching for fish.

     The extreme hardcore surfcasters or those out on the jetties with spike cleat boots lowering the risk of slipping on those wet jagged rocks, while waves are crashing into it. Enough said!



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