Assembly Required (Rant)

When did things become so complicated to put together? I remember the instruction always being useless. But that is expected when you think about it. The product was made in wherever so they are translating instructions from into English and I’m ok with that, well I used to be. BEFORE PUTTING A DESK TOGETHER REQUIRED 6 HOURS OF WORK AND A MECHANICAL ENGINEER DEGREE!

Not that long ago all you needed was a screwdriver, pliers, maybe a hammer and nails. Now they include the “necessary” tools for assembly along with these other stupid things, I guess they consider advancement over old fashioned nuts, bolts, washers, screws and nails. It shouldn’t require 12+ components to connect 1 piece of wood to another!  These are not real hardware components! Stop making these things!


If you would stop wasting production costs on all these stupid fake tools and components you could maybe use some form of wood! instead of that glued together wood chip version of it! Than at least a few screws or a couple nails and no big deal. It might even last a while before falling apart. lol

I personally feel that these people are just taunting us with these things and laughing at the misery they put us through. Don’t be shocked if someone turns up at ones these stores in a psychotic rage burning it to the ground. Forget the saying “he’s gone postal” I would like to retire that reference with be careful “Someone might go IKEA on your ass”

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