ENOUGH WITH THIS SOFT, UNOFFENSIVE, OVER CONCERNED, SITUATIONAL SENSITIVITY, and to make sure we apply CONSIDERATION and RESPECT when speaking of sensitive topics. * I made sure that I posted a warning on my front page so that no one would be surprised when I say “Fck That” Over sensitive, over concerned people worried that what they say might offend someone… STOP HIDING BEHIND WORDS OF MANIPULATION. If are worried about possibly offending someone than you already have just by the thought alone.

Here is one common saying that needs to be retired and never used again.

 “As long as you gave it your best” in other words you lost or failed. Lets think about this for a second. I should attack the saying before going in depth about its overall impact. There is no other way than to start this off by pointing out this saying that is used as a supportive and comforting phrase to those who failed, is actually not supportive at all. It’s a straight out taunt and insult!!!!!!

If you really break it down the first thing that comes to me is that it is questioning or challenging you indirectly. “As long as” — is another way of saying “i just hope or I would think…”

So- as long as you gave it your best, is actually saying I’m assuming that you gave it your best. It’s not like your saying I know you gave it your best. The statement is straight out blah…… just another snap phrase preprogramed in your heads. No one has realized how snobby that phrase is… {{hmmmmm,, Well as long as you…..}} is so condescending as well as indicating no interest. Yea!!! You didn’t engage in conversation with that snap phrase. Instead of just default phrases, try and actually engage with the person, usually by asking a question of interest relevant to the situation.

Maybe ask them straight out “Do you think you gave it al you got, or were you off today?”

Now I want to point out the psychological impact that the “as long as” statement has. Consider that maybe they did give it all they had….. You have now rubbed in their face the fact that even at their best they still failed.

One last thing to consider about this saying that hopefully is never mentioned again. The very existence of this phrase promotes quitting and failure. Everyone can just drop out, quit, and give up knowing that they can just say “I gave it my best” lol

We are creating way too many losers…. They are not losers by default they are being raised in an environment that conditions them to accept being losers. There is no need to contribute to that cause.

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