Homeless Solution (comedic?)

I have created a program in which not only address the homeless but also contributes to national security. —–Maybe I started off a little insensitive on this topic—- I shouldn’t have addressed them as homeless—- So, I rephrase by saying something that is more accurate to the regulated media. They would say something like : There is a new program starting for the currently displaced population which has been approved for a federal grant by which the program design itself also benefits the government. They are calling this program CODE NAME- HOPE.


     Thats right.. The program is to round up as many homeless as {{they can handle}} and first before going further into the program HOPE- these people should be asked if they would like to remain homeless….. Listen…. Some people actually prefer to be homeless… Ok thats fine… Actually this program strongly relies on that they stay homeless……. ****And maybe…. Just Maybe..In this process we might actually find some people that the authorities have been looking for…. All the rest are applicable and placed into the HOPE program.       DON’T PANIC!! THEY WILL BE PAID AND TAXED APPROPRIATELY.

– HOPE program will take advantage (ha, ha) of our homeless people as an unused natural resource. They will be paid {{very little and taxed}} for the invaluable service they are able to provide.

– These people are professionals

– They are professionals in situational and environmental awareness. Where ever they have chose to stay, I would bet they could spot someone or something out of place or any irregular behavior in their location better than anyone.. After all, if they are going to be staying on the streets we need to remember that they are an elite tactical unit that has posts in , train stations, mall parking lots, subways, abandoned houses, state/city parks, and much more…..

– All that is needed is a walkie talkie <>(two-way-radio) for every homeless person that is participating as long as they qualify by having  established a [[consistent]] or {{common}} location in which they illegal occupy at the moment and are conscious just long enough to sign the paperwork….

<<<<>>>>We can’t give them cell phones because they would be easily distracted downloading apps…. So, just the radio to report anything out of the norm. They will get paid for doing this service and we are even willing to amend the laws to legalize pan handling… in which the (IRS) will consider as tips.

`Homeless Operational Public Eye’ : Is a highly skilled group of elite homeless individuals that will remain homeless and unrecognized by government due to the high level of secrecy and interest of national security. Their duty is to remain in positions they have occupied in view of the public but overlooked and avoided (This isn’t anything new) They will be paid and given a two-way radio which they are to use for reporting abnormal, unusual, or suspicious people and activities in the location they are posted.

     This is all that they are responsible for…. Reporting anything suspicious…. Can you think of anyone more qualified than the homeless person that has been on that same corner or subways station for years? They have been standing(not always)- post at that location for however long everyday!!!! There is no one that knows the location and its daily patterns better than they would.

     I just figure if they are there already, why not give them a radio and pay them. Even if they might doze off now and then we still have the deterrent application of this program. It would not only maintain, but intensify the general idea that “your being watched” making sure the citizens remain paranoid and hopefully…. just hopefully deter any criminal or security threats . Keep them guessing “is that homeless guy, or an undercover HOPE agent?”

I can see the advertisement already…. Posters and ads with a picture of a homeless person with a brown paper bag in hand, Statement on it would be

“Is this a bottle of liquor in the bag, or  is this an undercover HOPE agent with a radio?”

You never know…  This dedicated group of specialists are hidden in plain sight to ensure that our safety is protected

Homeless Operational Public Eye

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