“Elf on the Shelf” (Rant)

You might be thinking- what could he possibly attack about the “Elf on the shelf”

IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT ARE DENIAL- No need to worry because I’m going to present my interpretation of the unmentioned and potential negative application of this concept. After all I’m concerned with the children’s well being and feel obligated to talk about this. lol

First off— When did this whole — Elf on the self idea start? He wasn’t around when I was a kid… No one notified me of the addition and new amendment that applies to Christmas Procedure. If corporate America wants to make changes to the business model that uses Christmas as a boost in sales, they need to keep us consumers informed. I must mention that they did the same by gradually extending the promotion of Christmas now that Halloween is the start of the marketing campaign.

Thanksgiving is not a spending holiday so they don’t waste time on that

Back to the “Elf on the  Shelf”… Let me go through this concept and try to make you see what concerns me….

From what I have been told.. The elf on the shelf shows up as a informant and observer of children that is responsible for reporting any naughty children that are not obedient to be placed on the Santa naughty list. The elf changes his location everyday and the children go look to find him. At night he goes off to Santa to report and returns the next day to repeat.

Now,  I didn’t really exaggerate the description besides the informant title. Since I brought that up, I might as well start there . We always had the naughty or nice list for Christmas… but we did not have a assigned elf to hide and spy on us. These poor children!!! You wonder why they are screwed up…. I’m sorry… “developmentally challenged”….. these structure overloaded, over scheduled, over/under/improper medicated, over analyzed, over-weight, oversensitive, overwhelming, and over parented children are becoming emotionally disturbed, or suffer from limited mental capacity that requires them to be in special education…. (I have a separate rant for for this topic on children corruption)

With that being said, picture this child 6-7 yrs old after a full day of school (whatever they do in there now) comes home and first thought is “I have to find the elf on the self”>>>>>> And everyone finds its cute….. Well SORRY its not cute!!!!! Its stupid, another form of enforcing control and obedience and it is corrosive on innocent children’s minds. You are promoting OCD, anxiety, depression, and paranoia.

I like to view all possible ways of assessing something and the only one thing I could apply to “Elf on the Shelf” from ANY other negative was that it CONDITIONS THEM TO ACCEPT being always watched and listened to with no expectation of privacy. Even my spin on trying to find the positive or constructive aspect I look at as a negative.. Stop damaging these children with all this!!!!!             Its bad enough Corporate America turned Christmas into a marketing concept that we all pay for now every year making sure we get a gift of equal cost for people that are giving us one. (Another dedicated post for that)

Let these kids enjoy christmas while they can…. Before they reach the age that obligates them by expectation to purchase gifts…. by now they realize they did not get a gift…. they get to trade their purchase in exchange for the other persons purchased gift.



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