Pizza Place Problems

Have you ever went for a slice of pizza and specifically said “just warm it up, NOT TOO HOT” ? Only to end up with it as hot as molten lava burning the layer of skin of the roof of your mouth. How about when you walk into a pizza place you have never been to before and when you walk in you see that the pizza clearly is shit but you don’t wan’t to just walk out and insult them so you buy a soda or pretend to answer your phone while exiting? I used to be that way but than I was thinking what good am I doing by being polite? Someone needs to let them know the truth about the food they are trying to sell…. So, in a nice way of pointing out that they need to dispose of that old disgusting pie- I ask if they have any fresh pies coming out- while making a very clear facial expression of disgust looking at the one on display. Hey someone needs to let them know

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