TV – Feed The Children Charities (international)



Just in case there is any confusion, I think I should mention that this is NOT referring to the American Homeless – WHICH HAS VERY FEW (if any) COMMERCIALS/INFOMERCIALS IN COMPARISON TO ONES that pawn off some kid from Malawi, Mozambique, or whatever country! I FEEL TERRIBLE FOR THEM AND CONDITIONS THEY LIVE IN, BUT —-

>>> Am I the only one that sees the cruelty and just straight out ridiculousness of the charities, corporations, government aid, and the {{Commercials}} {{these horrible degrading commercials}}— actually they are more like infomercials because they are selling something. But don’t you just love when you get a second to finally sit and watch a little TV when that horrible commercial comes on. You know…. The one with little “whoever” from wherever that desperately needs your help and is shown picking through the garbage, washing off in the local stagnant puddle of raw sewerage… Don’t you just love that?!!

As if your day wasn’t bad enough already, this stupid “feed the world” charity is taking up all the air time.. If I want to see homeless people.. I know where to look… and not on the other side of the globe… We have plenty close by… depending where you live they might even be walking distance from you.

You know I do feel terrible for those kids that are put on these commercials. Not so much because they are poor and sick, I am repulsed by that fact that they are being robbed of human dignity. Video advertising that shows them bathing in sewer like rivers, the mud hut they live in, the starvation, death, illness, and so on. As if those conditions weren’t terrible enough already, they porn them out on advertising (probably without consent) to raise funds for their “non-profit” organization….
>>> People…. please do not be misled or uninformed that non-profit means they don’t make money…. After all they work very hard to raise money for these people… That requires a large staff, adverting, corporate CEO, VP’s, Directors, Research and Development, and everything a major corporation has. All these people have salaries. I looked over one of the most popular international non-profit organizations (I won’t mention which) they are all pretty much the same in pay compensation. This one I looked into the payroll salaries for the company was just shy of $2 million and that was only from the what was filed from the management, directors, program officers, you know the title employees. Also the average CEO salary for the ones that were looked into was over $200k a year.
>>> But keep in mind that $200k is {{very low}} for the service that the CEO provides, and it was mentioned on many different resources numerous times as if they need to defend themselves. They continue by saying that in the for profit sector they would average $11 million for similar position. Now I feel bad for the CEO, don’t you? lol

*****Make sure and read the continuation on this with my Solution to American Homeless

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