“Elf on the Shelf” (Rant)

You might be thinking- what could he possibly attack about the “Elf on the shelf”

IF YOU ARE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE THAT ARE DENIAL- No need to worry because I’m going to present my interpretation of the unmentioned and potential negative application of this concept. After all I’m concerned with the children’s well being and feel obligated to talk about this. lol

First off— When did this whole — Elf on the self idea start? He wasn’t around when I was a kid… No one notified me of the addition and new amendment that applies to Christmas Procedure. If corporate America wants to make changes to the business model that uses Christmas as a boost in sales, they need to keep us consumers informed. I must mention that they did the same by gradually extending the promotion of Christmas now that Halloween is the start of the marketing campaign.

Thanksgiving is not a spending holiday so they don’t waste time on that

Back to the “Elf on the  Shelf”… Let me go through this concept and try to make you see what concerns me….

From what I have been told.. The elf on the shelf shows up as a informant and observer of children that is responsible for reporting any naughty children that are not obedient to be placed on the Santa naughty list. The elf changes his location everyday and the children go look to find him. At night he goes off to Santa to report and returns the next day to repeat.

Now,  I didn’t really exaggerate the description besides the informant title. Since I brought that up, I might as well start there . We always had the naughty or nice list for Christmas… but we did not have a assigned elf to hide and spy on us. These poor children!!! You wonder why they are screwed up…. I’m sorry… “developmentally challenged”….. these structure overloaded, over scheduled, over/under/improper medicated, over analyzed, over-weight, oversensitive, overwhelming, and over parented children are becoming emotionally disturbed, or suffer from limited mental capacity that requires them to be in special education…. (I have a separate rant for for this topic on children corruption)

With that being said, picture this child 6-7 yrs old after a full day of school (whatever they do in there now) comes home and first thought is “I have to find the elf on the self”>>>>>> And everyone finds its cute….. Well SORRY its not cute!!!!! Its stupid, another form of enforcing control and obedience and it is corrosive on innocent children’s minds. You are promoting OCD, anxiety, depression, and paranoia.

I like to view all possible ways of assessing something and the only one thing I could apply to “Elf on the Shelf” from ANY other negative was that it CONDITIONS THEM TO ACCEPT being always watched and listened to with no expectation of privacy. Even my spin on trying to find the positive or constructive aspect I look at as a negative.. Stop damaging these children with all this!!!!!             Its bad enough Corporate America turned Christmas into a marketing concept that we all pay for now every year making sure we get a gift of equal cost for people that are giving us one. (Another dedicated post for that)

Let these kids enjoy christmas while they can…. Before they reach the age that obligates them by expectation to purchase gifts…. by now they realize they did not get a gift…. they get to trade their purchase in exchange for the other persons purchased gift.



Homeless Solution (comedic?)

I have created a program in which not only address the homeless but also contributes to national security. —–Maybe I started off a little insensitive on this topic—- I shouldn’t have addressed them as homeless—- So, I rephrase by saying something that is more accurate to the regulated media. They would say something like : There is a new program starting for the currently displaced population which has been approved for a federal grant by which the program design itself also benefits the government. They are calling this program CODE NAME- HOPE.


     Thats right.. The program is to round up as many homeless as {{they can handle}} and first before going further into the program HOPE- these people should be asked if they would like to remain homeless….. Listen…. Some people actually prefer to be homeless… Ok thats fine… Actually this program strongly relies on that they stay homeless……. ****And maybe…. Just Maybe..In this process we might actually find some people that the authorities have been looking for…. All the rest are applicable and placed into the HOPE program.       DON’T PANIC!! THEY WILL BE PAID AND TAXED APPROPRIATELY.

– HOPE program will take advantage (ha, ha) of our homeless people as an unused natural resource. They will be paid {{very little and taxed}} for the invaluable service they are able to provide.

– These people are professionals

– They are professionals in situational and environmental awareness. Where ever they have chose to stay, I would bet they could spot someone or something out of place or any irregular behavior in their location better than anyone.. After all, if they are going to be staying on the streets we need to remember that they are an elite tactical unit that has posts in , train stations, mall parking lots, subways, abandoned houses, state/city parks, and much more…..

– All that is needed is a walkie talkie <>(two-way-radio) for every homeless person that is participating as long as they qualify by having  established a [[consistent]] or {{common}} location in which they illegal occupy at the moment and are conscious just long enough to sign the paperwork….

<<<<>>>>We can’t give them cell phones because they would be easily distracted downloading apps…. So, just the radio to report anything out of the norm. They will get paid for doing this service and we are even willing to amend the laws to legalize pan handling… in which the (IRS) will consider as tips.

`Homeless Operational Public Eye’ : Is a highly skilled group of elite homeless individuals that will remain homeless and unrecognized by government due to the high level of secrecy and interest of national security. Their duty is to remain in positions they have occupied in view of the public but overlooked and avoided (This isn’t anything new) They will be paid and given a two-way radio which they are to use for reporting abnormal, unusual, or suspicious people and activities in the location they are posted.

     This is all that they are responsible for…. Reporting anything suspicious…. Can you think of anyone more qualified than the homeless person that has been on that same corner or subways station for years? They have been standing(not always)- post at that location for however long everyday!!!! There is no one that knows the location and its daily patterns better than they would.

     I just figure if they are there already, why not give them a radio and pay them. Even if they might doze off now and then we still have the deterrent application of this program. It would not only maintain, but intensify the general idea that “your being watched” making sure the citizens remain paranoid and hopefully…. just hopefully deter any criminal or security threats . Keep them guessing “is that homeless guy, or an undercover HOPE agent?”

I can see the advertisement already…. Posters and ads with a picture of a homeless person with a brown paper bag in hand, Statement on it would be

“Is this a bottle of liquor in the bag, or  is this an undercover HOPE agent with a radio?”

You never know…  This dedicated group of specialists are hidden in plain sight to ensure that our safety is protected

Homeless Operational Public Eye

Drama Addiction – Funny-Quote

“Drama addiction has become widespread and more easily transmitted than ever before. With advanced technology in media, social networking, and smart phones, this dangerous substance is spreading and afflicting many people. I would bet that there isn’t one person that hasn’t been exposed to drama or knows someone suffering from drama addiction. Please do your part and not enable these addicts by feeding them what they crave, they have to get through a very difficult withdrawal. Together we can win this war on drama”

Stephen James

Time Quote

“When you waste your time thinking about what someone else is doing with their time, this is not time well spent. If you choose to give up your time this way, just remember that time is always running out. Don’t expect others to give you time or be surprised when they have no time for you. As you start running short of time, at some point you will end up on borrowed time that you can’t repay ultimately causing you to have run out of time and now your time has ended.”

Stephen James

Drama Quote

“Drama in life is like our trash. It’s a natural human byproduct that accumulates very quickly and requires disposal. Leave it on the curb, someone has been paid, authorized, scheduled and willing to pick it up”

Stephen James

Pizza Place Problems

Have you ever went for a slice of pizza and specifically said “just warm it up, NOT TOO HOT” ? Only to end up with it as hot as molten lava burning the layer of skin of the roof of your mouth. How about when you walk into a pizza place you have never been to before and when you walk in you see that the pizza clearly is shit but you don’t wan’t to just walk out and insult them so you buy a soda or pretend to answer your phone while exiting? I used to be that way but than I was thinking what good am I doing by being polite? Someone needs to let them know the truth about the food they are trying to sell…. So, in a nice way of pointing out that they need to dispose of that old disgusting pie- I ask if they have any fresh pies coming out- while making a very clear facial expression of disgust looking at the one on display. Hey someone needs to let them know

Complex vs Simple Quote

“Complexity is comforting to me while Simplicity is scary to me. I enjoying working and engaging in complex or challenging things. Anything simple I just have a difficult time trusting”

Stephen James

Quote for Right or Wrong

” If ever you are accused of being wrong do not waste your words and thoughts trying defend being right. Instead, Just focus on proving them wrong on their accusations which by default as long as they are wrong you are still right.”

Stephen James

TV – Feed The Children Charities (international)



Just in case there is any confusion, I think I should mention that this is NOT referring to the American Homeless – WHICH HAS VERY FEW (if any) COMMERCIALS/INFOMERCIALS IN COMPARISON TO ONES that pawn off some kid from Malawi, Mozambique, or whatever country! I FEEL TERRIBLE FOR THEM AND CONDITIONS THEY LIVE IN, BUT —-

>>> Am I the only one that sees the cruelty and just straight out ridiculousness of the charities, corporations, government aid, and the {{Commercials}} {{these horrible degrading commercials}}— actually they are more like infomercials because they are selling something. But don’t you just love when you get a second to finally sit and watch a little TV when that horrible commercial comes on. You know…. The one with little “whoever” from wherever that desperately needs your help and is shown picking through the garbage, washing off in the local stagnant puddle of raw sewerage… Don’t you just love that?!!

As if your day wasn’t bad enough already, this stupid “feed the world” charity is taking up all the air time.. If I want to see homeless people.. I know where to look… and not on the other side of the globe… We have plenty close by… depending where you live they might even be walking distance from you.

You know I do feel terrible for those kids that are put on these commercials. Not so much because they are poor and sick, I am repulsed by that fact that they are being robbed of human dignity. Video advertising that shows them bathing in sewer like rivers, the mud hut they live in, the starvation, death, illness, and so on. As if those conditions weren’t terrible enough already, they porn them out on advertising (probably without consent) to raise funds for their “non-profit” organization….
>>> People…. please do not be misled or uninformed that non-profit means they don’t make money…. After all they work very hard to raise money for these people… That requires a large staff, adverting, corporate CEO, VP’s, Directors, Research and Development, and everything a major corporation has. All these people have salaries. I looked over one of the most popular international non-profit organizations (I won’t mention which) they are all pretty much the same in pay compensation. This one I looked into the payroll salaries for the company was just shy of $2 million and that was only from the what was filed from the management, directors, program officers, you know the title employees. Also the average CEO salary for the ones that were looked into was over $200k a year.
>>> But keep in mind that $200k is {{very low}} for the service that the CEO provides, and it was mentioned on many different resources numerous times as if they need to defend themselves. They continue by saying that in the for profit sector they would average $11 million for similar position. Now I feel bad for the CEO, don’t you? lol

*****Make sure and read the continuation on this with my Solution to American Homeless

Emergency Room (Part1) Getting There- Analytical Comedic Review

A quick note to everyone – I started typing this rant with intention of a single rant of the process from intake to discharge into the ER. Of course, it wasn’t that simple causing me to break it up. As you will see just getting to the ER contains enough to try and absorb.

***Apply a kind of sarcastic taunt tone while reading

Emergency Room (Part 1)

-Your having an {{emergency situation}} that requires {{immediate attention}}, so you go to the hospital emergency room. But, there are a few ways in which you arrive at the emergency room. I think we should go over these and be considerate and thankful that the medical establishment has gone through the trouble of reserving a section of the hospital along with assigned staff, procedure and more just for emergencies… But thats there-… You have to get there first!… You are not their responsibility until you are admitted there. There are some complexities as well as choices you need to make prior to getting to the E.R. so when and if you get there you better make sure you did so in a manner in which will increase your chances of getting the attention you need.

1)When you arrive to the hospital emergency room by ambulance. Usually this indicates the person…Oh sorry—(PATIENT) is likely, but not always, having a medical emergency. Sometimes the ambulance is bringing in the ones that “did’t make it” “Not responding to treatment” showing “no vitals” I have even heard the phrase “Non-…survivable…injuries” in other words …DEAD! I’s bad enough people are always in denial now we force paramedics too..
>>>> {{But wait just a minute}} they can not be labeled as dead NO NO NO not without proper authority and procedures authorizing them first. {{We wouldn’t want to wrongfully accuse a dead person of being dead until we are absolutely sure by getting authorized approval}} Apparently, dead people are racially profiled and discriminated and Dr’s are the only ones capable and authorized to make that {CALL} According to the medical view there is the layman’s definition for dead and a medical definition for dead… {{Listen, I’ve never disagreed on the stupidity of the general population but even a young child nows when something is dead. They notice the family goldfish floating in the bowl and say (Mommy another goldfish died) and have the ceremonial bathroom flushing of the dead. But for people it’s not as simple and unless that victim is decapitated, or showing {{dependent lividity/rigor mortis}} the paramedic is not authorized to call them dead! In other words a victim of car accident where the paramedics arrive and the person is not breathing or having a pulse they can not say they are dead because there may be a slim chance that medical intervention could bring them back to life. If thats the case wouldn’t the paramedic need to tell the Dr the patient is dead to indicate the required treatment of resurrection? On the other hand I find some comfort in knowing that diagnosis of death requires a second opinion. Way to complicated- forget the phrase “life after death” because its not looking appealing so far and should have a phrase “death after life” (I’ll have to make a separate post ranting on this) Lets get the living to the hospital first and just note to yourself that ambulance is not the way to go if your dead OK

Alright, now for a living (if reading the above chaos hasn’t killed you yet) your in route by means of ambulance, you get your own personal ride there, your own personal staff attending to your needs, loading you up with drugs, blasting the siren, flashing lights, breaking standard traffic laws with immunity, and vip access upon arrival at the ER. You have an entourage anxiously waiting for your arrival to zip you right in past the admittance staff and all the non-vip guests in the waiting room straight into the vip area of the ER where multiple staff is told to attend to you.

2)You bring yourself there. {{If you brought yourself I highly doubt your experiencing a medical emergency}} That would explain them making you sit in the waiting room.
** If need be here is a way to cut the line and not have to sit in there with all these infected people. At intake one symptom you need to tell them is chest pain. Thats the guest list password to gain immediate access.

>>>> Think about that for second. A section of the hospital dedicated for emergency patients actually has a waiting room. I think it should be called the “Drama Detention Room” They are trying to educate or punish people to stop considering every little splinter, cut, bump on the head, a medical emergency. Listen people, little Billy falling off his bicycle and having a cut on his knee is not a medical emergency. Your over dramatizing and obsessive parenting is a psychological emergency- YOUR IN THE WRONG AREA… Than you wonder why the person on the other side of the room with a cut off finger in a lunch box packed on ice is giving you dirty looks. He unfortunately was accidentally misplaced by the admittance staff (bouncers).

Than you also wonder why once you finally get in you have to wait even longer to see a DR.
You really expect a Dr to give a shit about cuts, bruises, food poising, common colds, or any other insignificant reason your are taking up space in their emergency room without and emergency condition. HELL NO! They are waiting for the VIP or DOA (dead on arrival). Besides,
they have plenty of staff more than qualified to place a bandaid on your stubbed toe, or take your temperature. Even better, they keep you busy and increase revenue by conducting {{as many tests as possible}}. Let me clarify that or revise by saying they administer tests completely irrelevant in excess. Majority of them are immediately done once your in.. EKG, BP, Draw Blood, IV Fluids, Aspirin, Urine Sample, Skin Culture, Throat Culture all in a matter a minutes when all you needed was a few stitches on your hand. After the accumulated the initial abundance of billable tests than they go for trying to get some higher ticket items sold. Your cut on the had that needs 3 stitches is {{of course going to need an X-ray MRI. Oh and since you told them you vomited earlier that day you also need a chest X-ray to check for internal damage}} (Separate rant to continue this)

Bottom line….. Lets save the emergency room for actual emergencies and if so make sure you go the VIP way in an ambulance so long as your not dead!

*** Don’t forget there is much more on this!! So make sure you read them to get the whole rant part2 link http://wp.me/p53poC-2z